The RS 2000 Biological Research Irradiator is dedicated to the irradiation of biological samples for myeloablation/chimera creation. This unit uses special X-ray tube technology to provide powerful X-ray irradiation for Biological samples,.


RS 2000 Irradiator

Jean Hamburger building (door H1) at -2 level

149 rue de Sevres

75015 Paris



Emmanuel Martin


RS 2000 series Biological Irradiator

RS 2000 specializes in providing non-isotope, ionizing irradiation. Ionizing radiation that is similar to the radioactive sources, cobalt-60 and cesium-137. RS 2000 utilizes Rad Source’s X-ray tube technology and RAD+ reflector to generate a efficient and uniform X-ray ionizing radiation field, to provide a powerful irradiation and good repeatability.


For any use of the device please contact E. Martin by email. 
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