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About Us

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The SFR Necker
Structure Fédérative de Recherche 
Inserm US24, CNRS UAR 3633

The role of the SFR is to develop and coordinate core facilities that meet the technological needs of projects developed at the Necker campus. The main objective of SFR has been to optimize the use of financial, technological and human resources to create favorable conditions for basic and clinical research at the highest level.

The funding members of the SFR and the core facilities are Inserm, Université Paris Cité, Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, and the CNRS, provide staff for the administrative and technological platforms and support the updating equipment of the core facilities.

The SFR Necker brings together two institutes, the Imagine Institute of Genetic Diseases and the Necker Institute for Sick Children, INEM, and nine hospital centers. The Imagine Institute includes 24 teams focusing more particularly on the study of rare constitutional diseases; the Institut Necker Enfants Malades, INEM, includes 20 teams in two departments "Cell biology, growth and signaling" and "Immunology, infectiology and hematology".


The teams of the two institutes work in close interactions with the clinical departments to develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic strategies focused on medical specialties represented in the Necker hospital.

The SFR is actively taking part in pooling the research forces in Necker to lead to a more visible and efficient organization.

The platforms

The platforms include Proteomics, Cell Imaging, Cytometry, Biological Resource Center, Bioinformatics, Viral Vectors for Gene Transfer (VVTG), Genomics, Genome Editing, Histology, Metabolic Analysis, Neuro Behavior, Iconography, Image Analysis Center and LEAT.


Through their service, collaboration, and research and development activities, Necker's platforms offer cutting-edge technology and expertise to help understand the disease and develop clinical diagnostic / prognostic tests. Each platform has a scientific referent and a manager. Steering committees or user committees are set up by the platforms according to their needs.


Seventy employees currently work for the various SFR Necker platforms.


These platforms play a crucial role by pooling the financial and human resources made available to scientists to enable them to remain competitive and achieve their research objectives.

Organisation chart can be found here

Management and administrative team

The SFR was renewed in 2019 for 6 years.

Vincent Goffin 2022b_edited.jpg
Vincent Goffin, PhD

Scientific Director

Jean-Pierre de Villartay_edited.jpg
Jean-Pierre de Villartay, PhD
MA fond gris 2-1_edited.jpg
Marie-Anne Rey-Cuillé, PhD
Photo Stef bis.jpg
Stéphanie Massare

Administrative and Budgetary Manager

IMG_20210917_092817848_HDR (002)_edited.jpg
Danuta Augu

Financial Manager

Photo gwen[43302]_edited_edited.jpg
Gwendoline Djemat

Financial Manager Assistant

The SFR Necker management team relies on the executive committee to support it in the development and implementation of its policy.


The executive committee of the SFR Necker is composed of the managing team and of representatives of the constitutive research units (15 people). The executive committee is in charge of human resources and budget-related matters, the creation of new platforms and scientifical and technical strategies in relation to existing platforms.

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