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The genomics core facility was created in 2008 to provide high-throughput sequencing and gene expression services to the Necker research community mainly on a fee-for-service basis. The facility performs all the molecular biology steps required to produce raw data form the DNA and RNA samples provided by the users. The Experimental design and the analysis and interpretation of results are performed on an interactive basis with investigators and the bioinformatics facility (Imagine Foundation/Paris Descartes University).



Imagine - Institut des maladies génétiques - 3e étage

24 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75015 Paris


Offices : 333-334, Labs : 335-336-337


Christine Bole-Feysot 5.jpg
Christine Bôle-Feysot, PhD

Manager, IR, Inserm

Annarita Miccio.jpg
Annarita Miccio, PhD

Scientific adviser

Mélanie Parisot
Mohammed Zarhrate
Fatou Camara
Cecile Rouillon
Yohann Schmitt
Lilian Greau


Genomic core facility has acquired its first next generation sequencer in 2010 and has increased and adapted its sequencing capabilities over the time.

Since 2019, the genomic platform is using a NovaSeq6000 (Illumina, short read technology) and an iSeq100 (Illumina) used mainly for libraries quality checks)​

Other equipment: DNA shearing: Covaris E220, Capillary electrophoresis: Fragment Analyzer (Proteigene), Tape Station 2200 (Agilent Technologies), Nucleic acids measurement: Xpose spectrophotometer (Trinean), QuBit fluorimeter (Invitrogen), real time PCR StepOnePlus (Life Technologies)


The core facility provides:

  • A help to the experimental design

  • The quality check of DNAs and RNAs samples

  • The library construction, clonal amplification and sequencing with next generation sequencers

  • The quality check and sequencing of various types of NGS libraries

  • The primary data analysis and transfer to the bioinformatics facility for further data analysis

Proposed applications:

  • Exome Sequencing (standard, cancer)

  • Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Targeted re-sequencing using panels of genes of interest (capture by hybridization approach)

  • Amplicon-Sequencing (approach by ligation, including quality controls performed following CRISPR-Cas9 mediated mutagenesis, revertant analysis)

  • Transcriptomic analysis by RNA sequencing:    

standard analyses: mRNAseq Profiling (15-20 million reads), mRNAseq Transcriptome (50 million reads)

on demand: mRNAseq Transcriptome - small amount of total RNA (<50 ng/µl, 50 million reads), total RNAseq

  • Single cell RNAseq libraries sequencing

  • Other applications of next generation sequencing on demand: sequencing of ChIP-Seq libraries (sequencing of immunoprecipitated chromatin), sequencing of ATAC-Seq libraries (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin sequencing to analyse the chromatin region accessible to transcription regulators)…



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