The neurobehavioural platform offers various equipment for the functional analysis of mouse models in vivo. This platform includes a housing room, a stereotaxic injection station and is equipped with a series of rooms for behavioral tests to study learning and memory (Morris Water Maze (MWM), contextual fear conditioning (CFC), object recognition (NOR) or location (NOL)), motor functions (rotarod and bar beam), anxiety-related behaviors (elevated plus maze, open field and dark and light), depression (tail hang test (TST) and forced swim test (FST)); and study of metabolism and physiological parameters using metabolic cage for indirect calorimetry (PhenoMaster TSE system).


Imagine - Institut des maladies génétiques - LEAT

24 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 75015 Paris


Stéphanie Moriceau, PhD
Franck Oury, PhD

Scientific advisor



Morris Water Maze (BIOCONCEPT): This test studies spatial learning and memory. 


New object recognition test: This test measures memory and is based on the natural tendency of rodents to preferentially explore a new object over a familiar object.


Object location test: This test is another variation of the new object recognition test, involving spatial memory.


Contextual Fear Conditioning (BIOSEB): This test measures associative memory.


Rotarod (BIOSEB): This test measures motor coordination, balance and fatigue. 


Bar Beam (Phymep): This test measures balance and motor coordination. 


Elevated Cross Maze (BIOSEB): This test measures anxiety. 


The open field test (TSE): This test is most often used to measure general locomotion and anxiety-related behaviors. 


The DARK/LIGHT Transition Test (TSE): This test measures anxiety and spontaneous exploratory behaviors in new environments. 


The tail suspension test: This test is used to assess the state of depression. 


The forced swimming test: This test is used to assess the state of depression. 


Phenomaster Metabolic Chamber (TSE) System: This system allows fully automated and perfectly synchronized evaluation of metabolic and physiological parameters with the highest precision. 


Stereotaxic frame (Kopf model 940).


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